Your Guide to the Top Online Blackjack Casinos

Black Jack Choppers

Players who are looking for the best places to enjoy online blackjack have come to the right place because that's exactly what we're here to show you all about. The best thing about this, for new players in particular, is that users can get started with free games that give you chances to win real money prizes without having to worry about risking any actual money upfront.

Best Variants

A lot of different styles of online blackjack are available to players, and it starts with the traditional Las Vegas and Atlantic City style multi-deck games with pretty usual rules. This includes things like only doubling on 9, 10 or 11 and not being able to do anything but stand when splitting aces.

There are also free games available with no deposit required for other styles like the European tables (sometimes called UK blackjack) where the dealer does not check for 21 when an ace or ten card is showing. This means that the strategies change if you want to play as well as possible and that in turn creates some really fun gameplay dynamics.

Online Blackjack Casino Bonuses

It's really helpful to be able to get paid for games that you were going to play anyway, and this is where online blackjack bonuses come into the picture. A new player can start with a match deposit that can be used in regular or live dealer games, which have high-definition feeds for the audio and video to show you what's happening as a human dealer puts the cards on a real table in a real studio.

When you use the no download codes that are available, you can even get in on the action without having to install anything to your computer or mobile device. The idea behind these promotional codes is that you are able to get in on the action right away without having to wait.

Match deposits can be a great way for players to significantly increase their bankroll for playing online blackjack, as many deals will offer hundreds or, occasionally, even thousands of dollars. Most match deposit promos affect just a first deposit but some are multi-stage and might count for the first three, four, or even five cash deposits an online blackjack player makes.

The most versatile of casino promos is the free cash bonus. Typically worth something in the region of $20 or $30, this allows players to enjoy free games of just about everything at an online blackjack casino, including slots and other table games. If you like spreading your gambling wings then this flexible betting bonus is ideal, but even if you're focused solely on free games of online blackjack this is a great way to play for cash prizes with no deposit needed.

A newer promo has recently started spreading among betting sites, and it's ideal for online blackjack free games. The bonus in question is free tournament entry which, unlike some other online blackjack special offers, allows players to enjoy free games on a recurring basis. While many casinos do not offer this promo those that do tend to have weekly or monthly free games (tournament entry) for online blackjack players, presenting great value for card sharks who can make repeated use of this particular special offer. Prizes for winning an online blackjack tournament outright can often be in four, five, or even six figures, making tournament free games particularly appealing.

Online Blackjack Codes/Coupons for Bonuses free games

Most players will want to know about the no deposit chips that are available from the beginning at many of the top casino options. However, there are ways to earn even more with online blackjack deposit bonuses that have some pretty reasonable terms and conditions. The wagering requirements will be higher than other free games like slots or scratch cards, but that's compensated for by the super-high payout rates that you can get for following solid basic strategy.

Aside from the free games that you'll often get when you first sign up, there are also no download codes available for players at every level of stakes, so you don't have to be a high roller to get a great value.

Redeeming codes to enable free games of online blackjack couldn't be much easier. There are a variety of methods by which players can enjoy online blackjack free games, and the most common by far is the use of codes/coupons. These will clearly be indicated when you review an online blackjack promo. All you need do is log in, and enter the code in the right part of the online blackjack casino (usually the cashier/banking section) to redeem the promotion and be credited with free games.

Another means of activating free games to enjoy at an online blackjack casino is the simplest of them all: automatic redemption. Common for introductory promos, this means all a player has to do is create an account at an online blackjack site and free games will automatically be credited to your account without any further action necessary. It's the most straightforward way to enable a welcome bonus for players.

The third option of free game promo redemption is much less frequently used than the two already mentioned. Sometimes online blackjack casinos require players seeking to activate a promo to contact customer service directly and have them enable a bonus manually. But, for the most part, codes and automatic activation are the ways that online blackjack free games are activated.

Terms and Conditions

Online blackjack is great fun, and even better when using bonuses to your advantage, but players should be aware that, as with almost everything in life, there are terms and conditions associated with pretty much every promo you'll ever come across.

The biggest two for playing online blackjack are the wagering requirement and the withdrawal cap. The wagering requirement is the total sum that must be wagered prior to being able to withdraw promo cash, and related winnings. The average is around 30-40x the value of a promotion, meaning that a $20 free cash deal might have a wagering requirement of around $600 to $800. Obviously, the lower this is the better for the player, as it both increases your chances of finishing in profit, and reduces the amount of time it takes to satisfy the condition.

The withdrawal cap is an upper limit on how much a player can withdraw, often $100 or $200 or something of that order. In addition to a basic upper limit on withdrawals, many free game promo deals come with individual wager limitations, a minimum and maximum, to which a player must adhere on penalty of forfeiting the promotion entirely.

Best Casinos

online blackjack

The top casinos for blackjack will offer options that have a pretty standard set of rules:

  • Blackjack will typically pay between 6:5 and 2:1.
  • Players can surrender to get back half of their wager.
  • Splitting and re-splitting can happen, but usually only up to three or four hands total.
  • Taking insurance is almost always available.

These rule sets are used because they offer the most room for strong strategies. The bottom line is that blackjack is incredibly popular for a reason.

We hope you found this useful for finishing ahead with online promos when playing blackjack. Always remember to keep a cool head, and check the fine print.

Best Blackjack Tables for Advantage-Play 2022

Logo Casino Name Casino Bonus No Deposit Amount Visit
High Country High Country $3000 $20 Claim your Bonus
Slots Plus Slots Plus $2500 $35 Claim your Bonus
Gossip Slots Gossip Slots $1000 $- Claim your Bonus
Casino Casino $100 $- Claim your Bonus
Sloto Cash Sloto Cash $2500 $31 Claim your Bonus